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Jigen Jigen jigen Jigen Jigen jigen

Jigen Jigen jigen Jigen Jigen jigen

Jigen Jigen jigen Jigen Jigen jigen

Key Partnerships

The jigen ecosystem

NFT collection

Jigen Hypebeast is our free genesis collection of 500 unique characters living on the Ethereum blockchain


$JIGEN is the utility token that powers the ecosystem. It can be used to purchase different items and receive discounts on agency services or other benefits.


Our marketplace offers users the ability to buy WL spots, NFTs, physical items, and real-life experiences using $JIGEN and other tokens.

Coming soon

Holding $jigen gives an unfair advantage on the market

$JIGEN token on Avalanche and a native Marketplace to empower our community with different utilities.

Exclusive Access

Discord channels and private opportunities for holders

Agency Discount

Special prices for marketing activations from Jigen Labs

Mean of payment

Buy assets from Marketplace - also as public user

Jigen marketplace

Get access to the best that web3 has to offer with a single click.
More coming soon - available now
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Jigen is the industry-leading Web3 Growth Agency fueled by Community. Driving success for top Web3 Brands

Current Number of Members 17,000+
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jigen jigen jigen

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